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Who is Murricane?

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Meet Patrick Muricane, a talented film maker, creative and all out comic nerd, we love it!

Patrick recently joined some of the Cinalight team at their casting for the new series "The Luna Squad" to lend his expertise in all things comic and superhero! Helping us to make sure we get an amazing cast for the production.

We thought it would be a great idea to dive deeper into the mind of this talented film maker and yes, cosplayer! and get some inside info, we look forward to more creative collaborations!

Quick Fire Interview with "The Murricane"

1: What's the most important part about film making to you Having fun, when you have fun making or acting in a movie then the movie feels fun and makes the performances more realistic. It’s all about passion!

2: Describe creativity in your own words Bonkers and colourful

3: Why do we need super heroes One word: Hope!

4: Fav comic and why Justice League Origins (Geoff Johns and Jim Lee) A place to start reading comics, was my first, well written and a good introduction to comics!

5: fav childhood movie


6: A tip to all budding actors

Have fun!

7: DC or Marval

DC as it's where my love for comics started but I don’t see why people should choose as there is so much to love about both!

8: Tell us a joke

Knock Knock Who’s there Doctor Doctor Who...

9: Describe yourself in a few words

Very... cool?

10: 2 Future goals Dreams: DC movie maker Doctor Who Show Runner

But I just wanna make movies and television that make people smile, laugh and cry

When he is not on set or in the studio, you can catch The Murricane out and about sporting the latest superhero swag! An awesome creative who also heads up "The Nerd Corner" with comic shop owner "Michael Readings" You can follow the Murricane at the following sites

Personal Instagram

The Nerd Corner

The Luna Squad

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