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An overview of our new original series.

Produced by Cinalight Studios for 2022.

Starring Brooke Fleming as "Prayer".

Brooke landed the role for the brilliant new character following her performance as Ashley in the sci fi show "The Luna Squad" Now on Amazon Prime around the world. Moving into new territory the character couldn't be any more different though. Prayer has grit and a lot of edge, she can fight and she has a bit more attitude. This character will see the growth in Brooks acting ability as she takes on a more dynamic and mature role.

Behind the scenes as Brooke prepares for some scenes.

So what's the show about.

Part of a shattered planet from another galaxy smashes into Earth, bringing with it survivors and technology never seen before by humans. Surviving the impact, 3 mysterious animals emerge from the ruins.

The artwork. With Cinalight this has been developed by Nick Ashton, who has worked with some of the biggest character brands in the world. Here is a sneak peak.

Take a first look here.

Check out the new teaser and introduction to "Prayer" and the story. Excited for more, stat tuned.

Lords: All rights reserved world-wide. Produced and created by Cinalight Studios.


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