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Film Concept Art

A few words from London based artist "Vivian" talking about the inspiration behind some of the concept art for the new film "The Lady from the Sea"

Here at Cinalight Studios we have recently had the pleasure of working with the talented artist "Vivian" who has created some stunning artwork inspired by the film and to help give further depth into the development of the cinematography.

Visual Concepts by London Based Artist "Vivian. (C) All rights reserved

Quick Fire Interview Questions

1: What inspires your art.

The inspiration that come from my art is various things combined into one aspect. I am truly and very highly fascinated in anatomy and the human structure. You will find the pieces that I have drawn for the “The Lady from The Sea” is in direct relation through my art. Therefore, the complexity and the structure of the human body is one big inspiration. My inspiration also stems broader by seeing another artist’s work. I find that through looking at things that excite me as an artist, I find new and innovating ways to incorporate said things within my own artwork.

2: Why did you connect to the lady from the sea.

I connected with the lady from the sea as I was fascinated with what Leon (the director) had envisioned. I was happy to see his work and the introduction of something new that he envisioned. I was previously also aware of the other films that Leon had directed, so he and I decided to do some concept art for the movie.

3: How would you describe the concept.

In terms of the concept I would say its an enthralling thing to both look at, not only the movie aspects side of things but the art also. The concept stems into different ideas both envisioned by me and Leon. It looks at something you wouldn’t have imagine when it comes to “The Lady from The Sea”. I would say the concept put in question is there to surprise you, its there to make you say wow and question why some of the things have been used.

The collection of artwork from Vivian will be available soon, watch this space!

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