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Team Heads to Kragerø "Norway"

The team is gearing up to head out to Norway in September 2019 to begin production for feature film "The Lady from the Sea"

The movie is a "re-imagined" adaption from the world famous play written by Henrik Ibsen in 1889, Norway. The film is set to take a new artistic direction by way of combining original dialogue with the film set in modern times.

The new script has been written by screenwriter Birgit Myaard,

Birgit Myaard,
Birgit Myaard,

"It was a pleasure to work on this script for a number of reasons, but as a first-generation American, the aspect I enjoyed most was the chance to explore my Norwegian heritage. I’m proud, in particular, of being able to use my language skills to draw from Ibsen’s words in the original Norwegian."

About The Lady From The Sea

The sea means everything to Ellida, the lighthouse keeper's daughter, who grew up where the fjord meets the open sea. She meets an American sailor whose similar love for the sea awakens romantic feelings in her. When this Stranger is accused of murder, he must flee, but not before he and Ellida seal a symbolic pact that he will return for her.

Years later, Ellida finds herself living in he the deepest reaches of the mountain-fringed fjord and married to Wangel, a widowed small-town doctor. The coolness of Wangel's two girls from his first marriage toward Ellida and the death of their infant son, however, puts a strain on the marriage. In a haze of post-partum depression, she begins to long for her youth.

Ellida meets a young sailor-turned-sculptor who leads her to believe her former love has died in a shipwreck. The Stranger is alive, however, and is coming for Ellida, who must decide, on a whim, if she will leave with him, or remain in the life she has taken years to build. Ellida convinces Wangel and the Stranger she must be given the right to self-determination. Ultimately, with the freedom to choose, despite years of thinking she wanted something different, Ellida elects to stay with Wangel, whom she has loved all along.

The film will be directed by

British director Leon Mitchell, selected for his artistic and poetic approach to creativity.

"This is one of Isben's most complex pieces of work, I intend to keep it's integrity and beauty, yet deliver the visuals in a modern way with my own interpretation".

Location Image, Norway.

Staring "K-Syran" as the Leading Lady "Ellida"

Katrina Syran is a multi talented, creative  and passionate Norwegian actress and singer, known as (K-Syran). She is also  a dedicated writer, director and producer of play and film. She is best known for her play Breaking The Silence” written for HRW Women Section that won best play at Angelina Jolie & William Hague’s Summit  "End Sexual Violence In Conflict" in London in 2014. She trained as an actress at RADA & GUILDHALL SCHOOL OF MUSIC & DRAMA and got cast straight out of drama school as lead Anna in "Voyage At The Dark"  at Young Vic Theatre. She had a part in feature film "Effie Gray"  directed by Richard Laxton & in short film "Don’t Miss The Cupdirected by Stuart Renfrew.

As an active artist She  has toured for the last 3 years including supporting platinum selling band Blue. K-Syran has also graced the  stage in the US performing at The Pianos & BBKing in NYC, The Mint in LA & in Miami. K-Syran has also released X3 singles and her latest album "Journey" in 2019.


Check out the film's official website and IMDB here


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