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  • What is Cinalight
    Cinalight is a professional film, television production and creative organisation, based in the South East of England. ​ Our team are developing and producing a wide range of original programming and creative content across drama and the children's genre for the international market and online network. Based in the South East of England and originally founded in London by director Leon Mitchell in 2007. Our focus for 2022 is the production of original series and brilliant stories. Cinalight are members of the BFI and Directors UK. Ultimitlity, we are a team of friendly, creative professionals who love what we do.
  • How can I audition to be in a show
    You can visit our castings page for more information. You can also follow our instagram and Starnow page, we post opportunities on both of these platforms. Instagram Starnow If you have an agent, they can also contact us with regards to you as an actor / actress. See our submission guidelines here.
  • Can I send a showreel or cv
    At this time we are only accepting content via Starnow or via a reputable agent. Please visit our casting page for more information.
  • Can i get work experience
    We are always on the look out for new production and crew talent. If you would like to send us a CV or make contact, please contact us through our contact page. Reference you are looking for work experience and we will make contact with you. You can also visit our Film Club and mentoring page and get involved in various activities and projects.
  • What is Boxpixs
    Boxpixs is a new online streaming site created by Cinalight Studios. This is a platform where we aim to have avalable all of our content. You can visit the site here: If you are a film maker or producer and want to feature your content on Boxpixs, please visit the submision page here.
  • I'm a film maker, can I get involved"
    Yes, you can submit your content to be featured on our new streaming service Boxpixs. Submission link can be found here Or copy the following link into your browser:
  • I make music, can I send it to you"
    At this moment in time we are not looking to work with any new composers. Cinalight has their own back catalogue of music that will populate their content slate for the forseeable future.
  • Can I send a script
    At this time we are no longer accepting any scripts or pitch concepts. Our focus for the forrseeable feature is original content produced by the Cinalight team. If you are a profesional or company looking to license our content, please visit the content licensing page.
  • Can I visit Cinalight
    At this moment in time all of our meetings are mostly virtually. If you would like to talk to us about opportunties, collaborations or partnerships. Please visit the contact us page to request a meeting.
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